Sunset river in Paraguay

There are some very well-known tracks going through South America. Some are well traversed some are less but no matter what one day you shall hit the gringo trail. And your dream of exploring unknown, going on your own or just running from everything will be ruined.

Luckily for you, I know a little secret. A place where no gringo trail passes through and only the most hardcore travelers go there. There is so little information written because there are just so few travelers who know the beauty and has the courage to go their on their own. Tourism is poorly developed, and they even say there is still an uprising going on (or so I heard it). Travel by bus is hard and if you want to see something truly majestic – walking is a must. The secret gem, a place of adventure I am talking about is Paraguay.

There are weeks when you do not see a single tourist. The majority of them stay at Asuncion and the rest is at the Jesuits Missions villages. The rest of the country is a barren land. Not a single tourist. Thus if you go there my advice is to have one of these things – a motorcycle, an RV or a Tent/hammock. Because it is almost impossible to reach the destination (parks, lakes and other locations) by public transport and even if you are able there are no guarantees that you will be able to get back. Thus good planning for food and sleeping is a must!

My personal recommendations if you decide to go to this beautiful and magnanimous place are:

Foz de Iguazu

The magnificent of the Waterfalls is impossible to describe by words you have to visit them yourself. Therefore, I won’t spend wasting your time and say visit it. I just don’t have the vocabulary to do that.

Jesuit Ruins

Small beautiful villages were Portuguese priests tried to convert the local population to Christianity. They are even included as a UNESCO protected heritage. If you are lucky you can get a bike to cruise around. Last time there was one bicycle.


Asuncion is the next great place to visit. The capital of Paraguay with its beautiful colonial architecture and cultural heritage attractions. Although it has few sights like beaches, skyscrapers or impressive parks, it has an unmistakable spirit that will make you want to stay an extra day!

Gran Chaco

A grand place for eco-tourism. Only 3% of the population lives there and there are few villages still standing. If you are going to visit them well you will be pleasantly surprised by the colonial architecture. If by any chance you would like to visit and explore the Chaco it is strongly advised to have a guide or a local person to travel with you. In the end, it is very easy to get lost in the bushland.


The lands of the Pantanal region are home to a large variety of life, from jaguars and alligators to the hyacinth macaw. It’s a spectacular bio-diverse wetland. If you miss it well it is a loss for you. I suggest going from Paraguay this way most probably will be the only person there.

Cerro Corra national park

It is an ant size national park. However, it is probably one of the most charming parts of Paraguay. It covers a never-ending savannah with never-ending magical rivers of hills. It is simply awe-inspiring. The best place to start is at the Muralia peak. Fantastic panoramic views, magical trails and ancient petroglyphs that will take you on a magic trip. I believe it is truly one of the power places of the world.

Ybycui National Park

Beautiful, small park with gushing waterfalls that cascade down through the rocky undergrowth of the forests. This park beside its beauty also hides a secret. A weaponry and munitions foundry that was built in secret during the Paraguayan War.

Vallemí Caverns, San Lazaro

If you want something different if you are tired of walking on our beautiful earth. Then Vallemi Caverns are for you. It is millions of labyrinths going deep underground. If you want to explore you will have to walk, crawl and squeeze through the narrow passages leading to a hidden, magical and mysterious caves.

Kururu Kua: The Aquatic Cave in the Heart of Amambay

The divers’ paradise in the center of South America. Scientists claim that this place shouldn’t exist, that it is a miracle because most of the caves consist of sandstone. These aquatic caves are now open for the divers to explore and marvel at the underwater caves surrounded by a blue lagoon of transparent water.

Laguna Blanca

Surrounded by one of the oldest forests in the world. Clear white waters, quiet, serene place. Perfect for relaxation and disconnect from the world. Again one of the wonders of Paraguay!

Paraguay is a perfect place to go on an adventure and disconnect from the world. The wild wild west of hardcore travelers. A must visit place if you ever dreamed of going where no one went!