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Welcome I appreciate you stopping by. Here is what I have to share from 10+ years of travel. Those truly exciting moments, the crazy adventures that could be turned into a movie, are rare. That is why, after roving through the world for the past 10+ years and encountering quite a few truly life-changing experiences. I have decided to create a blog helping others to experience the same. What Will You Find At Numi World? The purpose of this website is simple. I want to use my own experiences to help You the reader feel ready when planning your hiking adventures. To show you that is not hard to plan and that an adventure can be found everywhere. That’s the reason why I started this blog. Through my adventures, experiences, and research – I am to draw a full picture of the knowledge needed to have your own epic hiking adventures.  That is skills and gear you need to have and how to acquire them to great places for hiking and personal recounts. And if hiking is not your cup of tea, I am confident that my experiences can help you with whatever kind of travel you are looking to do.

Author of the blog looking into distance of Petra