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Mysteries Of Nepal – Dolpo Region

How to join the Tour?

To join our adventure expedition there are only 2 ways. Join the list and hopefully, we will select you or be recommended by the previous adventurer. There is no other way. It is for select few. It is a private experience to the wonders that are hidden in our world. The magic, shamanism, the ancient civilizations, the old way of doing things.

Dolpo A Hidden Realm

Our first adventure will take us to the faraway world. Some say to the roof of the world. There it is a hidden realm. Isolated from the noise and the tourist and the mundane of the XXI century. The region we will go to will be in Nepal. Where Hinduism and Bhudism mixes together, were the ways of the old can be still found in the remote regions of Nepal. It will be an adventure privy to the select few travelers.

At the foot of Daulagiri Lower Mustang

A Glimpse of the Journey.

Our adventure will take us through magnificent landscapes, up mountain trails, across the freezing lakes, down wild rivers, through tangled roads that caravans used to pass to villages that are frozen in time. Where magic is still alive if you open your eyes to see it.

The Dolpa trekking starts at Juphal and follows the track to Dunai, then continue to Tarakot, way up to Bang la Camp, the uppermost point of this Dolpa trekking, after passing through the Sanu Bheri village, we then descend to the good-looking Phoksundo Lake, which is a piece of the Shey Phoksundo National Park.

Total 26 days of hiking!

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The Story of Your Own Journey.

This is an adventure where the story unfolds as you move through the places were time ceases to exist. Places in which to escape from reality and lose yourself in nature’s perfect creations. You of the past to you in the future. It is a  story of your own journey. Your body is pushed at times further than it has ever been pushed and your mind continuously looking for the answers to the questions that plague you most deeply. As each day passes you become stronger, tougher, more resilient.

Passing River in Lower Mustang, Nepal

Walking on the Top of the World.


Welcome to the world’s last magical, history little-touched location. Where one can walk beneath some of the highest and most dramatic mountain ranges in the world within days.

Upper Mustang, Nepal Mountain views

Unforgettable Experience

Embark on a grand adventure full of thought-provoking quests, choices and consequences. Explore new and mysterious region of the modern world Nepal. You will traverse vast mountain ranges, valleys and rivers with its own distinct feeling. Form vibrant countrysides and ancient villages, to grand canyons and snow-capped mountains.


Escape your world to find the answers you seek in the ancient one.  Register Now to be selected as a potential one.

Sun behind the mountain in Lower Mustang Nepal
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